Friday, May 29, 2015

Free HVACgbXmlCalc Add-in for Revit

From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website...

This application is designed for cooling load calculations according to the ASHRAE RTS method.

The calculation is performed based on data obtained from an uploaded gbXml file.

This load calculation process was developed by engineers in the air conditioning industry and has been used for decades to accurately size air-conditioning equipment.

After completing this load calculation process, one can choose a properly sized piece of machinery to satisfy the load.

The Green Building XML schema (gbXML) is an open schema developed according to xml rules, intended to facilitate the transfer of building data stored in Building Information Models (BIM) to engineering analysis tools.

The gbXML file contains all of the heating and cooling information for a project according to the gbXML file structure which is based on a gbXML schema.

gbXML is the underlying architecture of Autodesk's Green Building Studio commercial on-line energy analysis product, and is the main export option for energy analysis from their modeling products.

To create a gbXML file from Revit Architecture and Revit MEP is very simple (Right click > Export > gbXML).

HVACgbXmlCalc application enables users to upload the gbXML file, then  import all the data from that file and perform the cooling load calculation based on the imported data.

It is necessary to upload the gbXml file (either in xml or zip or rar format), choose a country and location and start importing data from the uploaded file.
(buttons 'Select a gbXml file', 'Upload chosen gbXml file' and 'Import').

Before starting the calculation it is possible to change light parameters for either all or the selected imported rooms.
(button ‘Change light parameters’).

After calculation is finished, the calculation results can be downloaded in form of xslx file
(buttons ‘Calculate’ and 'Download').

There will be two downloaded files: the calculation results file (xlsx) and the uploaded gbXml file (xml), supplemented with the results section. The supplemented gbXml file (xml) is convenient for analysis on Autodesk cloud.

The calculation results file (xlsx) consists of following reports.
  1. General project information
  2. Rooms summary for building peak
  3. Rooms summary for rooms peak
  4. Rooms detailed for building peak
  5. Rooms detailed for rooms peak
  6. Buildings summary all times
  7. Rooms summary all times

The free HVACgbXmlCalc add-in is brought to you by Hanibalsoft.

There's more information available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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