Monday, May 4, 2015

Free Sheet and View Maker Macro for Revit (Updated)

From the ArchSmarter website...

Sheet Maker
This macro creates sheets from a CSV file and adds views onto the sheets. Edit the supplied CSV file to include your sheet numbers, sheet names and view names. If you want to add multiple views, simply separate them with a comma. This version of makeSheets includes an dialog box so you can select the CSV file you want to use. The CSV file can be located anywhere on your computer. The macro also reads the available title blocks in the current model file. Just select one from the list and the macro will create the sheets using that title block.

View Maker
The makeViews macro automatically creates floor plan or reflected ceiling plans based on the levels in the current model file. I added a dialog box in the new version of the macro. From the dialog you can select the view type to create (floor plan or reflected ceiling plan) as well as a view template and scope box to use when creating the views. If you don't want either, just select "none" from the list.

The ZIP file contains the Sheet and View Maker  macro RVT file and a sample CSV file.

There's more information available on the ArchSmarter website.

To get the free Sheet and View Maker macro, which is part of the ArchSmarter Toolbox, one must subscribe to ArchSmarter's email updates.

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