Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two New Macros from ArchSmarter – DWG to RVT PRO and the Free Replace Font (Updated)

I recently put up a series of posts about free Revit macros from ArchSmarter. The posts covered the following macros:

The developer, ArchSmarter's Michael Kilkelly, has announced a series of "PRO," or for pay, macros, which he describes as "enhanced versions of the free macros I've posted previously," with the first being the PRO version of Convert DWG to RVT Lines...

"DWG to RVT PRO... is a much improved version of ArchSmarter's most popular Revit macro. Using DWG to RVT Pro macro, you can quickly convert imported or linked DWG files to Revit lines. The macro creates detail and model lines as well as area, room and space boundary lines. It's fast and easy... I'm going to convert this macro to a full Revit add-in over the next couple of weeks. If you purchase the macro within the next two weeks, you'll get a free license to the add-in version when it is released."

DWG to RVT PRO is priced at USD 49.00. There's more information available here.

Kilkelly has also released a new free macro, Replace Font, which replaces fonts in text styles.

There's more information available on the ArchSmarter website.

To get the free Replace Font macro, which is part of the ArchSmarter Toolbox, one must subscribe to ArchSmarter's email updates.

Lastly, here's a link to ArchSmarter's "Revit Macro Library" landing page.

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