Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Avail for Revit – Initial Commercial Release Now Available!

Avail is a product we here at Revit Add-ons have been excited about for some time now because it features an agnostic approach to content management that feels fresh and new.

Avail made its public debut with the release of ArchVision's Detail Warehouse just about a year ago. Now Avail has been released with deep Revit integration for managing your assets.

What follows is the Avail for Revit product announcement from ArchVision. Soon to follow will be a product review of Avail, so keep an eye out for that here on Revit Add-ons!

From the product announcement...

AVAIL for Revit is now available!‏

New Product from ArchVision!

We’re pleased to announce that AVAIL is now available!  AVAIL is a new, one-of-a-kind content management solution for Revit and all of your visualization assets.

Register and download today!

AVAIL Content Browser For Revit

AVAIL helps you organize and retrieve Revit Families, System Families, Drafting Views, Sheets, Schedules, Groups and more across your project teams and entire firm!

Harvest Assets From Archived Revit Projects

Tired of opening old project files to retrieve a family or detail?  You’ll swoon over the ability to select a project (.rvt) file in AVAIL and load or place Families, Views, Sheets, Schedules and Groups directly into your current project without having to open the old project!

A New Way To Retrieve Everything On Your Network

AVAIL’s not just useful for Revit.  From the ground up AVAIL was designed to help manage any and every file type.  Need help sorting through that malaise of a texture repository?  AVAIL's tag-driven interface makes finding everything a snap.

We think you’ll find AVAIL a welcome addition to your desktop.  Look for the “Welcome to AVAIL” channel after installing for a series of training videos designed to help get you started.

We’re excited to help with your ongoing content management needs.


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