Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Hot in Revit Add-ons for August 2016

August was a MONSTER month here on Revit Add-ons, as we received more than 60K pageviews in a month for the first time, topping off at 62,584! Consequently, a number of posts also put up big numbers. In fact, 19 of them had the kinds of numbers that I usually see in perhaps one or two monthly posts.

One of the challenging things about putting together these monthly "What's Hot" articles is deciding where to make the cut, that is: the cutoff between those posts that make it and those that don't. This month, that's surprisingly difficult to do because, with the exception of one, a bunch of posts were grouped relatively tightly together.

Excluding the 4 roundup-type posts (in gray), there were 15 posts that put up very respectable numbers. Of these, 66% were related to significant updates to popular add-ins, in order: 3D PDF Converter by 3DA Systems, View Filter Manager (these first two were a little surprising to me), Enscape, hsbTimberOnRevitBOM to Excel, Dynamo, Unifi, ElumTools, BIM Batch Suite, and RTV Xporter PRO.

Of the 5 posts related to new add-ins, in no specific order, AutoTurn crushed it, our product review for BIMsmith, though it was the last post of the month, was a comer, IdeateApps put up healthy numbers, and the verbosely named Extract Selected Families Outside Model and the self-explanatory Sheet Renumbering add-ins rounded out the bunch.

All that being said, the cut has to be made somewhere, and I'm going to highlight the first 4 posts. The other 11 will receive honorable mentions. Great month though.

The following descriptions are those of the respective vendors.

AutoTurn for Revit

AutoTURN® for Autodesk® Revit® delivers an easy to use swept path analysis tool for Revit users, allowing engineers, architects and other design professionals to perform simple turning maneuvers under the Revit environment. Revit users have the AutoTURN intelligence, database and experience in turning capabilities and swept path analysis at their fingertips, enabling them to perform turning simulations and identify possible constraints or design limitations.

Read the full story about the AutoTurn for Revit here.

3D PDF Converter by 3DA Systems Version 9.0 Released

This update features full compatibility with 3D PDF Pro Enrichment features, support for new hardware graphic accelerators, support for 2D and 3D documentation layout from 3D PDF Pro, and more.

Read the full story about the 3D PDF Converter by 3DA Systems Version 9.0 here.

View Filter Manager Version 1.1 Released

Among many new enhancements and updates, this release allows you to purge unused filters, delete filters, delete views and view templates, transfer selected filters and view templates between multiple projects, and export filters' data (filter name, categories, views and view templates) to a file that can be opened in Excel.

Read the full story about View Filter Manager Version 1.1 here.

Enscape Version 1.6.0 Released

Among many new enhancements and updates, this release features support of XBox Controller and 3DConnexion Spacemouse, physically accurate lighting simulation based on normed lighting units, customizable Enscape loading screen, UI overlay, window caption and window icon, hotkey for screenshot, the ability to create Revit view from Enscape Camera, and the ability to turn off live updates.

Read the full story about Enscape Version 1.6.0 here.




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