Thursday, October 20, 2016

Avail Version 2.9.3 Released

From ArchVision's announcement...

AVAIL 2.9.3 is now available for download at

*Note that if you haven't updated to 2.9.x you'll need to update both the AVAIL application and the AVAIL Content Browser for Revit.

  • Microsoft created all kinds of havoc with their Windows 10 Anniversary update but we're on it!  If you experienced any crashes or hangups after updating Windows 10 you'll find relief in AVAIL 2.9.3!
  • Now you can drag & drop Revit Drafting Views, Schedules and Groups directly into your current Project through the AVAIL Content Browser for Revit!
  • Control auto-update for network deployments

Other Features in 2.9.x Include:
  • Analytics!
  • Support for Multiple Revit Sessions
  • Email notification when a Channel is shared
  • Update detection for AVAIL Content Browser for Revit
  • Ongoing bug squishing and user experience tweaks!


Register for an upcoming AVAIL for Revit and AVAIL Enterprise webinar!

  • Tuesday, Nov 1 (11am EDT) - Enterprise Licensing and Large Firm Deployments
  • Thursday, Nov 3 (11am EDT) - AVAIL for Revit
  • Monday, Nov 7 (2pm EST) - AVAIL for Revit
  • Wednesday, Nov 9 (2pm EST) - Enterprise Licensing & Large Firm Deployments


Heading to Autodesk University next month?

You'll find AVAIL on the show floor in booth #2783.  Plan to stop by the demo theater for a sneak preview of some exciting new features including AVAIL Stream.


View your AVAIL Analytics using Google Analytics!

Now you can gather the information you need to better manage your content including most accessed Channels in AVAIL and most searched for content.

AVAIL now supports viewing your company's AVAIL analytics data in Google Analytics.  Setup a free Google Analytics account and enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID in your AVAIL Management Console.  (Be sure to follow the instruction in the Management Console to properly configure your Google Analytics account)

We've even created a sample Analytics Dashboard for you with some basics to get you started.  After creating your Google Analytics account simply click this link to import the custom dashboard -

Some additional notes:
  • Information is tracked in Google Analytics as "Events" which are made up of Categories, Actions, Labels and Values.
  • To see all of the Events in Google Analytics click on Behavior | Events | Pages
  • Note that by default Google Analytics date range is set one day behind.  If you want to see current data you'll need to adjust the timeframe to include today.
  • You can monitor Realtime usage of AVAIL but expect a several second delay (it's like magic!)
  • If you're using advanced BA and BI tools such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI you can import your Google Analytics data for further analysis.
  • More to come including AVAIL Content Browser for Revit analytics!


Copyright © 2016 AVAIL LLC, All rights reserved.

AVAIL is brought to you by ArchVision. Pricing is as follows:


  • Create up to 2 Channels
  • Up to 1,500 items per Channel
  • Share Channel Previews with users within your organization
  • Browse shared Channels
  • Automatic backup of tags
  • Revit Plugin support (Local Channels only)

User License: $100/YR

  • Create up to 100 Channels
  • Up to 50,000 items per Channel
  • Share Channels with users within your organization
  • Browse & consume shared Channels
  • Automatic backup of tags
  • Revit Plugin support (Local & Shared Channels)

Call or Email for Details
+1 859.963.1616

There's more information available on the Avail website.

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