Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Covering Product Updates – A Call to Vendors & Developers

Recently we were asked about what determines when we post individually about a product update. The short answer is: when the release notes comprise more than a couple items of change.

For example, on the Autodesk App Store, when the version is annotated something like "Upgraded to Revit 2017" or "Latest version," and only that, the update is simply reflected in our weekly roundup and not in an individual post. Much beyond that though and the add-in receives an individual post, which is then linked to in the corresponding roundup. Therefore, it helps if developers can be as clear as possible about what changed in a new release.

Now, the Autodesk App Store makes things easy(ish) because there's information about a lot of add-ins in a central location. But there are a lot of add-ins that are not on the Autodesk App Store. A lot. For such add-ins, it would be a HUGE help if vendors or developers would notify us when new versions are released with significant changes. This will help us keep your customers informed. Thanks for your help!

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