Friday, October 14, 2016

Roundup – Current Expiration Dates of Free Revit-Related Tech Previews on Autodesk Labs

Courtesy of Scott Sheppard from his It's Alive in the Lab blog...

Most technology previews are like milk cartons. They have expiration dates on them. When a technology preview expires, the technology preview no longer operates. A preview has a time-bomb in it that makes it stop working on a particular date. We do this so there is a sense of urgency to try a technology preview and get back to us. Our customers are busy people, and without this, they would just say "I'll get to that later."

When a technology preview expires, any data that has been created by it continues to be valid. It's just that the data cannot be edited using the technology preview since the preview does not run anymore. Certainly, new data can't be created either.

This time-based approach allows us to get timely feedback, early in the technology life cycle, on the general idea, user interface, performance characteristics, and correctness of the results.
Here is a list of active technology previews and their associated expiration dates. The list is sorted by expiration date — so act fast if you want to provide feedback on these technology previews before they retire or graduate.

Dynamo Plug-in for Robot Structural Analysis
Connect Dynamo to Robot Structural Analysis.
Expires: October 31, 2016

React Structures
Connect your BIM process to intuitive structural analysis.
Expires: November 17, 2016

Project Monolith
Try voxel-based modeling engine for multimaterial 3D printing.
Expires: December 31, 2016

Project Play
Make amazingly rich interactive 3D presentations on the web.
Expires: January 31, 2017

There's more information available on the It's Alive in the Lab blog.

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