Saturday, May 20, 2017

Revit Add-ons to Also Cover Navisworks Add-ins (Updated)

Nearly 70% of respondents to our recent poll would like us to cover Navisworks add-ins as well as Revit ones, so we're happy to begin doing so.

We'll clearly identify Navisworks add-ins as such in post titles. We'll also add separate sections for Navisworks add-ins to our popular weekly Autodesk App Store roundups and week-in-review articles.

We'll use the Navisworks label so Navisworks-related posts can quickly be filtered. The Navisworks label can be found at the bottom of any Navisworks-related post, like this one.

We've also added a quick-access 'badge' to the right sidebar:

As well as one for Revit add-ins:

Quick access badges are located below our 'Trending Top 10 for the Last 7 Days' list.

Thank you to those who took a moment to respond to our poll!

Updated on May 23, 2017 to add quick access badge.

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