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Smart Assemblies New Release May 8, 2017

From the AGACAD website:

Revit add-on – Smart Assemblies – long awaited features in the update

By Valensas Balsevicius
May 08, 2017

Another update of Smart Assemblies is released. Sometimes we encounter small issues which we can be solved by investing some more time or using workarounds, but when that involves everyday procedures, it can make modelling and documenting in Revit quite annoying. I would like to let you know that using this Revit add-on your documentation procedures will be greatly upgraded. In this blog I will mention only the last features implemented in newest release, but to see all the enhancements implemented into Smart Assemblies – see webinars, E-Help files, blogs or request a live online demonstration.

In new Smart Assemblies release you can have up to 3 views of the same type with the same View Templates. For example, create 3 Front Views, select same View Template, but select different numbers for View Number. This feature removes the need to create 3 different View Templates – one for each Front view, which was necessary in previous versions.

Other feature now allows user to automatically rotate selected views by 90 degrees in both directions – clockwise and counter clockwise. You can also choose to rotate all views, but then individual rotation will be neglected:

There were some updates related do dimensioning - location of Total Dimension could be defined separately:

Hosted concrete and metal details now have more options for dimension location. Rules for side and Front/Back elements are separated.

Hosted metal details have additional options for dimensioning – skip dimensioning of depth or dimension only position of details.

With the standard settings it would look like this:

If Do not measure detail depth is ticked – it will not dimension element’s embedment into hosted detail. It will dimension center and part of the detail which is outside the host element.

If Measure only position is ticked – it will not dimension side dimensions of a detail - only center dimensions. It will not dimension part of the detail inside and outside of the host element.

Now you can select dimensioning and note options for concrete and metal details separately:

And the last, but definitely not least – views of sloped beams will be automatically rotated to the right position:

I already know that some clients were waiting for this release impatiently, but I hope new clients will also see great benefits they can have using this Revit add-on. Eliminate unnecessary tasks with Smart Assemblies!

The Smart Assemblies add-in is brought to you by AGACAD. Pricing was not known at press time.

There's more information available on the AGACAD website.

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