Thursday, May 31, 2018

Free FilePROPS for AutoCAD and Revit

From the CADD Microsystems website:

There’s a lot more information in your Revit and AutoCAD files, and sometimes you don’t want to open them up to find it. The standard Windows file properties dialog box is pretty lacking, but FilePROPS lets you peek under the hood of your RVT and DWG files to get a little more crucial data.

Built Into Windows

Works right in Windows – even on machines that don’t have AutoCAD or Revit

Just Right-Click

Just right-click on the file and select File Properties for AutoCAD/Revit

FilePROPS for AutoCAD and Revit is brought to you by CADD Microsystems. It's free, though registration is required.

There's more information available on the CADD Microsystems website.

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