Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MWF SIPs – Automatically Layout Your Structural Insulated Panels Project, and More

From the StrucSoft Solutions website:

MWF SIPS Intelligence & Automation

MWF SIPS puts all the intelligence and automation of our Revit®-based MWF software into the SIP builder’s hands. MWF SIPS recognizes wall types, defines materials, thicknesses, shapes and it automatically lay out your SIP panel project. Number your SIP panels, quantify splines, tracks and sills then output all the information directly to your shop floor with optional CNC output.

SIP Definitions
Define type, shape, material and thickness for true-to life material representation.

Splines Types & Connection Details
Choose between spline types and connection details as well as routing preferences for joins and openings. Specify members and conditions.

Master Panels Property
Modify splice conditions, top plate, bottom plate, wire chasers and more.

Easily Reconfigure
Accurately move your SIPS for optimal placement.

CNC Output
Optional CNC output for automated routing, cutting and manufacturing of your SIPS.

Number and organize SIP panels for manufacturing.

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"We have worked with StrucSoft Solutions on several occasions and every time I have been extremely impressed with their willingness to understand and support our project needs and goals. One of our prefabricated metal panel projects could not have been designed or built as efficiently without MWF. We even used the model to help plan how to ship the panels from our warehouse to the jobsite which was very effective."

VDC | BIM at Hoar Construction

At Swindale Associates Ltd we use Strucsoft's MWF Pro Metal software with Autodesk Revit to produce light gauge steel panels and structures in a BIM environment. MWF is vital to our business, it enables us to be highly productive and efficient, and adds the functionality to Revit we need to achieve the results for our success. The software has enabled us to produce highly complex steel framing solutions, from concept through to designs, drawings and Building Information Models.

CAD & BIM Manager at Swindale Associates Ltd.

In the UHS Temecula Hospital, DPR increased field productivity by 22% over traditional methods, and reduced framing re-work to 2% per floor by utilizing BIM framing with MWF and Revit.

Drywall Detailer at DPR Construction

StrucSoft Solutions is a experienced developer of solutions for the AEC and manufacturing industry.

There's more information available on the StrucSoft Solutions website.

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