Thursday, May 31, 2018

Free WarningsPLUS for Revit

From the CADD Microsystems website:

The Warnings dialog in Revit can be a little tricky to navigate, which makes resolving important Warnings something that can be overlooked.

WarningsPLUS for Revit adds a new interface with added functionality to make managing your Revit model warnings a little more manageable.

A Better Warning

Replaces the current Warnings dialog box – no new button to click

Sized To Perfection

WarningsPLUS works in an expandable window that lets you resize it to see more information, as opposed to the one size only native Warnings window

Warnings Made Manageable

Ability to sort and filter warnings to see exactly what you need to see

Focus On What's Important

Warnings can be “ignored” to avoid low priority items

WarningsPLUS for Revit is brought to you by CADD Microsystems. It's free, though registration is required.

There's more information available on the CADD Microsystems website.

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