Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Revizto v4.7

From the Revizto website:

Revizto 4.7 is out! It's The Big One! 

24 Apr, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Revizto 4.7 is now available to download!

Being a labor of love for everyone at Revizto, we're happy to be able to finally share it with you after all of these months spent working on it.

Revizto 4.7 comes out with major improvements mainly wrapped around your 2D workflow and a number of amazing new features that many of you have been asking for! Now you have full capability to print entire sets to high quality PDF documents with or without the markups of your choice.

Here is the full overview of everything included in v4.7:
  • Displaying multiple issue markups on sheets. In this mode, you can see all markups related to selected sheet.
  • Ability to export any of your sheets to PDF with its markups, based on issue filtering and presents.
  • Ability to create custom filters presets in the Issue Tracker (for both reporting and filtering).
  • Ability to update issues brought in from BCF. New workflow to allow Solibri clash detection integration through BCF.
  • Integration with Tekla, so you can export directly from Tekla with our plugin.
  • Display of double-sided materials
  • New optional access limitation for ‘export to .exe / save as’
  • Support of Revit 2019
  • Support of Navisworks 2019
  • Support of AutoCAD 2019
  • Performance improvements

Thanks a million for all your continued support and enjoy the new Revizto!

Revizto is brought to you by Vizerra. Pricing was not known at press time.

There's more information available on the Revizto website.

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