Sunday, February 17, 2019

Backfill – Free and Open Source pyRevit Versions 4.6.13, 4.6.14, and 4.6.15

From the pyRevit blog:

pyRevit 4.6.15

Feb 8, 2019

pyRevit 4.6.15 is out. Download the installer from here

A few issues have been fixed including “Make Pattern” broken compatibility with Revit 2014.

The “Find and Select Entities without Tags” tool is updated as well to include more categories.

pyRevit 4.6.14

Feb 2, 2019

pyRevit 4.6.14 is out. Download the installer from here

There is a new tool courtesy of Robbo1234

Match Paint can match the surface paints between geometries.

I closed a series of issues in this release as well. There has been a good set of updates to the tools for finding unreferenced and unsheeted views. The new interface is simpler to user and has more options.

pyRevit 4.6.13 (CLI 0.9.0)

Jan 28, 2019

pyRevit 4.6.13 is out. Download the installer from here

As always, each new pyRevit version also includes the pyRevit CLI updates which for this release is CLI v0.9.0. Installer is provided on the same path.

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There's more information available on the pyRevit blog »

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