Tuesday, February 26, 2019

DIY Temperature and Humidity Sensors with Near Real-Time Data Displayed in Forge Viewer

From the BIM 42 blog:

DIY temperature sensor

Feb 24, 2019

I recently had to work with the BMS system of my office building and study how to retrofit it with new web-based technologies. I am by no mean even slightly knowledgeable about these systems, but this gave me a few ideas to explore.

For example, I wanted to measure temperature and humidity in my apartment to understand thermal conditions and optimise comfort in my own home.

I first looked into integrated home monitoring systems, but they are more expensive that I wish to spend on this small experiment. Furthermore, they mostly work with proprietary software solutions and offer little possibility for tinkering.

Instead, I ordered two Raspberry Pi Zero W along with two DHT22 humidity and temperature sensors to build my own Wifi enabled indoor thermometer and humidity monitor. Since I will need to use the GPIO interface of the Raspberry Pi, I ordered the H version of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, with pre-soldered headers. This allows me to connect the DHT22 to the GPIO interface of the Raspberry Pi without having to solder it on the board. Following the instructions from this post in Home Automation Community, I quickly plug the sensor into the GPIO interface of the Raspberry.

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