Sunday, May 5, 2019

Free Express Family Stamp – Add Custom Stamps to Revit Project and Family Previews

From the Autodesk App Store:

The Express Family Stamp utility adds the image of the user's stamp to the preview image of the Autodesk® Revit® file.

When you use the ExpressFamilyStamp utility, it automatically appears, including the user's stamp information in the preview of the user-created Revit project and family file. If another user changes the file, the stamp information will disappear, and you can see the file has been modified.

File thumbnails in Windows File Explorer

Family Stamp Settings

Preview image in Revit program

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About This Version

Version 1.0.1, 3/14/2019

Express Family Stamp is brought to you by BIMsoft. It's free.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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