Friday, May 31, 2019

Free Webinar June 19 – What's New in MWF

From the email announcement:

MWF Webinar: What's New in MWF

Wednesday, June 19 at 2PM EST

You may of noticed that there were quite a few new features (24!) included in our latest MWF build. Because of this, this month's webinar will be part 1 of 2 and will focus on just that - the new features within MWF.

Revit® based, MWF (or Metal Wood Framer) is capable of framing virtually any project from single family homes to large scale multi-family structures, allowing for the creation of custom framing to define all aspects of wall, floor and roof framing in an automated fashion. Users can then export cut lists, shop drawings and output to their light gauge steel roll formers and/or automated wood saws.                                                                                                   
Here's what we'll go over in more detail:
  • Place Ladder Joins
  • Line Based Blocking/Backing (video)
  • Lock Panel (video)
  • Insertion of holdowns with the hole for threaded rod at top and bottom of panel
  • ATS Stud Pack 
  • Insertion of anchor bolts
  • Ability to generate a BOM for MEP as well as dimensioning of MEP   

Our technician will also go over our new online support desk created to help support our clients more efficiently.

Register now for our webinar Wednesday, June 19 at 2PM EST.

Please note that a recording of the webinar will automatically be sent to all registrants.

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