Friday, August 1, 2014

Flipbook for Revit: Create A Series of Images as a Base for Animations

From Emanuel Favreau's website...

Flipbook for Revit can be used to create series of images as a base for an animation. The tool has three functions and there are 4 main steps to animate cameras and objects:

  • "Views" can generate a series of 3D views or floor views. 
  • The tool "Objects" is used to generate a series of objects and isolate objects in a view. 
  • The series of images in png format is created by the 'Export' function. 

Here are the basic steps for using flipbook tool for Revit:

  1. To create a series of 3D views, place 2 views and 2 targets. Targets are here: C:\ef\flipbook2013\
  2. Use the tool 'Views' to generate a series of views of the same prefix
  3. The speed and quality of the animation is determined by the number of views depending on the distance.
  4. To animate objects, create an instance 'Start' and 'End' of the object
  5. Place the object 'Start' and 'End' in the project. The tool 'Object' creates a series of objects between 'Start' and 'End'
  6. Use the tool 'Object' and select the reference 'Start', 'End' and the object to animate.
  7. Choose a text parameter and enter the same prefix as the series of views.
  8. The option 'Follow Line' create a series of objects that follows a model line. The velocity of an object can be controlled by the position between points of a spline.
  9. Enter the same number of objects as the number of views and click ok.
  10. The next step is important, it allows the user to isolate an object per view. Use again the 'Object' tool and click the 'Isolate' option. Choose the object, the name parameter and enter the same prefix as the series of views. Select Views from the menu and click the 'Isolate' button.
  11. Images of a series can be saved using the 'Export' function by entering the prefix of the views. For better results, activate the 'Anti-Aliasing' option of Revit.

There's more information available on Emanuel Favreau's website.

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