Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Room Sync with Linked Models Add-in for Revit (Updated)

From the Case Apps website...

If you have ever needed to schedule elements by room from a model that did not contain the actual room elements and realized that you were up a creek, this tool is for you.

This tool will display a simple dialog box where you select the linked model that you want to sync rooms from and click the sync button! All rooms that exist in the linked model will be either copied into the current model or have their parameters updated if any changes in parameter values for the rooms are detected.

The linked model can be in a different location or even rotated, your rooms will come in where they ought to.

There's more information available on the Case Apps website.

Update 5/8/2016: CASE and the CASE Apps website are no more but, courtesy of WeWork, the CASE Apps are now open source. They may be accessed on GitHub.

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