Sunday, August 31, 2014

Free Fire Rating Macro for Revit 2014

Excerpted from Paolo Emilio Serra's Point Revit blog (cleaned up a little to compensate for the Italian to English translation)...

Since it is not yet possible to have a single-line representation for the walls in Revit, I wrote this macro for version 2014 [that] takes into account the parameter types of wall Fire Rating.

Based on the parameter of Fire Rating are created categories of lines and the corresponding lines are drawn in detail at the center line of the wall (if the parameter is not filled nothing happens).

When you need to update the plan views, detail lines are eliminated ... [and] recreated to avoid typos and errors to update.

This process can also be adapted for any other parameter present in the walls (transmittance, noise reduction, etc ...), then if you run the command for the first time on a view that contains all kinds of wall you can develop and maintain the standard of representation in a much less expensive and effective [when] compared to [other methods].

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There's more information available on the Punto Revit blog.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

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Rachel Williamson said...

This is a fantastic macro! Is there any way to edit the code so that the line stops and start again at door swings and windows so that the line isn't running over them?