Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Free OBJ Exporter Add-in for Revit

From the IngleGreen website...

OBJ Exporter for Revit – free plugin – New v1.8

A free Revit 2014/2015 add-in to export Projects and Families to OBJ format. The OBJ files have been tested with 3ds Max Design 2014/2015, Blender and Octane Render.

The images show the resulting OBJs from the Revit Sample Projects inserted into Octane Render and Blender.

There is the option to export material textures. Texture image files are copied to a ‘textures’ directory based on an XML file listing. A sample XML file is provided. (It is not possible to identify the texture image files from Revit directly).

As from Version 1.3 by default now exports as Revit Objects. The exports do take longer. You can however still export as individual polymeshes if you untick the ‘Group Meshes’ checkbox.

Version 1.3.3 adds the Revit Category to the Element Name and provides a fast Group Option.

Version 1.8 has the option to export only the items you have selected.

Paolo Emilio Serra has created a video showing the Revit OBJ Exporter in action on his Point Revit blog.

There's more information available on the IngleGreen website.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

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