Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Revit File Performance Tracking

For you DIYers out there, on his BIM 42 blog, Simon Moreau has shared some code to track Revit file performance in terms of open, save and synchronize times. Here's an excerpt from his post...

My previous post about Revit performance highlighted the need for precise feedback from user about starting and synchronizing time. This is important when dealing with many users, with potentially different configuration and performance. In this case, these loading times can alert you soon enough of a problem with a model.

Having feedback from every user is also important, since you need to detect quickly if any user is having more difficulty to open a file than the average.

You can also compare file size progression with loading time to establish and check your set of good practices for keeping Revit models powerful.

To be more accurate and systematic with these measures, I create a small piece of code to log every opening, synchronizing and closing of Revit model for multiples users.

Once these information are stored, it is pretty easy to collect them and write them down to a csv file.

It is now possible to quickly create very precise graph displaying opening time of different model, compare them and show their evolution along time.

There's more information, including the source code, available on the BIM 42 blog.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

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