Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Entourage Workshop for Revit Commercial Release

Today, ArchVision released their Entourage Workshop for Revit product, which was previously available in beta.

Entourage Workshop for Revit enables one to resymbolize and stylize RPC content. I love the results one can achieve with this product, so I'm happy to recognize it with an Editor's Choice award.

Checkout Randall Stevens' useful video below, followed by the press release.


Available with Dashboard update; a new way to stylize RPC Entourage in Revit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 5, 2016) — Project efficiency is at the forefront of industry leader ArchVision’s release of Entourage Workshop this week. Revit users can simultaneously update their Dashboard and install Entourage Workshop, a groundbreaking new product that allows them to completely avoid the use of other applications to achieve specific visual details for clients.

“RPC people and trees are a popular way of adding scale and realism to design visualization scenes but many customers have expressed a desire to achieve more stylized looks such as silhouetted people and trees in their renderings,” said ArchVision CEO Randall Stevens. “Entourage Workshop for Revit was designed to address those needs.”

With Entourage Workshop, users can easily stylize RPCs directly inside of Revit. ArchVision aims to extend the value of RPC content by giving users more control of the look of their entourage and renderings with the new RPC plug-in, Entourage Workshop for Revit. Entourage Workshop gives users the ability to change the geometry, color and transparency of RPCs for non-photorealistic stylization.

The ArchVision Dashboard update also includes 57 new cars, updated RPC Plug-ins for SketchUp, 3ds Max 2017, AutoCAD 2017, and the RPC Plug-in for Revit 2017 which includes Entourage Workshop.

Additionally, Entourage Workshop styles are supported in Revit through both local and cloud rendering services. with the Style Editor and the RPC Manager. The RPC platform not only enables dramatically simplified workflows for placing and managing architectural entourage in 3D scenes but also provides search and tagging of content inside ArchVision Dashboard and an RPC Creator tool to create your own RPCs from PNG and TIF images.

Full access to RPC Tools, Plug-ins and Features require a subscription, starting as low as $249 per year, providing users with instant access to thousands of RPC automobiles, people, trees and plants, and more. Current subscribers are encouraged to update their Dashboard and automatically receive the time-saving Entourage Workshop for Revit. For more information and demo downloads, visit

About Archvision
ArchVision improves design modeling and visualization with content and content management solutions. RPC technology provides architectural entourage in the form of people, tree and plant, and automobile content. The AVAIL content management platform provides content organization and search tools for managing vast amounts of design content. DETAIL WAREHOUSE, a collection of ready-to-use construction details, holds more than 27,500 roof, window, door and foundation details and nearly 1,000 components.

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