Sunday, June 26, 2016

Press Release – Collaboration Between Saval and Xinaps Empowers Fire Safety Analysis in Revit

Delft, The Netherlands – 22nd of June 2016 – Today Saval and Xinaps join forces to mobilize the collective knowledge in the field of fire safety protection for modelers. They are the first in the world to publically provide a fire safety app for Autodesk Revit®. With Saval Brandveiligheid Assistent™ modelers will be able to analyze and visualize data within Revit® in the preliminary design phase of the building.

Koen van Dijk, Marketing Coordinator at Saval B.V. regarding the inspiration for Saval Brandveiligheid Assistent™: “As a company that develops and delivers innovative solutions in the field of fire safety, we strive to keep up with the current developments. To provide the correct
interpretation of fire safety in the early design phase of a building, ensures that the model of our
building partners is as complete as possible on all levels including the coverage of fire protection
products. "

The partnership between Xinaps and Saval unites the best of software engineering and fire safety by tapping into Saval's expertise of fire safety and Xinaps' unique algorithms in Saval Brandveiligheid Assistent ™. This app analyzes and visualizes data from Revit® in a digital 3D BIM model. Autodesk Revit® software uses a 3D BIM model to facilitate cooperation between various disciplines throughout the lifecycle of the building, from the design of a building to demolition, in the architecture, engineering and construction sector.

Concerning the collaboration and development of Saval Brandveiligheid Assistent™ Frank Schuyer, CEO of Xinaps B.V. shares: “A collaboration with Saval was a logical choice for us because we could utilize the accumulated knowledge of one of the leading manufacturers in the Dutch market, which would definitely lead to the most innovative solution.”

Saval Brandveiligheid Assistent ™ will ensure that Saval customers have the right tools to analyze the required fire extinguishers in the building from the early design stage based on data from their Revit® model. This increases the level of knowledge of the BIM model and places the control of the design process in the hands of Revit® modelers.

About Saval
With more than 90 years of experience in the area of fire protection and evacuation, Saval is the safe choice for your company. Every day over 200 Saval employees are working on your safety. Always according to the guidelines of ISO 9001, this guarantees quality in their organization and product.

Alongside developing, producing, delivering and servicing an extensive assortment of extinguishing equipment, Saval also delivers and services emergency lighting in their self-owned factory in Breda. You can also contact Saval for safety training, emergency plans and evacuation drills. Through the unique combination of human expertise and equipment your organization, your people and your investment will be well protected. As a part of SK FireSafety Group, Saval wants to assure their customers that they do everything possible to protect their people (human lives), planet (environment) and profit (capital) against fire and accidents, without burdening them with extra work.

About Xinaps
Founded in 2015, Xinaps is a forward thinking team that creates smart building checking tools within design software because they believe the building design process needs to be simplified and optimized. Xinaps has been developing their plugins with architects in mind since their foundation. Their Apps analyze and visualize data from Revit® models in order to facilitate improved design decisions. International building regulations are getting stricter and BIM is increasingly becoming the AEC industry’s standard in more countries. Staying up-to-date with these trends, Xinaps puts flexibility at the heart of their software. The apps helps you meet local building standards in early design stage right within Autodesk Revit® software. The Xinaps Apps also enable you to automate some parts of your workflow, while eliminating the human error factor. With Xinaps you design better-performing buildings, one app at a time.

The national and international clients of Xinaps play an active role in tailoring the features of all their products. Hand in hand, they work hard on shaping tools right within Revit®. Xinaps recently joined YES!Delft, the leading tech incubator in Europe. YES!Delft has successfully built more than 160 companies so far and every day continues to focus on building tomorrow's leading firms. Together, we will deliver on our promise to enrich design solutions for AEC professionals by disrupting the industry’s status quo.

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