Thursday, June 23, 2016

Families Ribbon Add-in

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  • Families Ribbon Lite - only the first 15 buttons are enabled 
  • Families Ribbon Starter - maximum 2 simultaneous users under one account
  • Families Ribbon Standard - maximum 10 simultaneous users under one account
  • Families Ribbon Corporate - unlimited number of simultaneous users under one account 

  • Add any Autodesk® Revit® Family file to the Revit Ribbon
  • Share Ribbon Layout across the network to all users
  • The option to place the Family into the current view after the button has been clicked
  • The option to Duplicate and update the Family's Type Parameters
  • Use any type of Family (i.e. Single Type Families, Multiple Type Families and Catalog)


Families Ribbon Revit plugin allows the user to easily create custom Revit Ribbon Buttons to insert the existing library Families into Revit Project Browser and place the Family Type into the current view. The user has the option to design his own layout to suit whatever Family library database he is using. This is a faster alternative to searching a Family Type in Revit Project Browser (which in the case of a more complex job or even in a blank template could be time consuming due to the large amount of items) and placing into the current view. The plugin will search whether the Family Type is currently loaded, and if the result is false the type of the specified Family is imported. Moreover, you have the option to perform advanced tasks such as duplicating the Family Type and specifying any Type Parameters before insertion or placement.

The designed Revit Ribbon layout can be shared over a network by placing it in a network folder. If all the users over a network are using the same library folder and one of them is adding, modifying or removing a button, all other users will have the updated Ribbon on the next Revit restart. If any modifications to the Ribbon Layout occur while in use, then all users will receive a one-time prompt to restart Revit for the new changes to take effect.

Library buttons can be assigned to a Ribbon Panel which can hold up to 18 grid items and 3 lists (each list can contain up to 20 items). The maximum allowed number of panels is 12.

About This Version
Version 1.0.0, 6/20/2016
Initial release

The Families Ribbon add-in is brought to you by .NETtools. Pricing is as follows:

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