Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's Hot on Revit Add-ons for May 2016

The CASE Apps going open source was big news, and the post announcing it here on Revit Add-ons lead in pageviews for the month of May. Close on its heels was the post announcing the 1.5.1 release of Enscape, which added Revit 2017 support.

Posts on My Favorites 2016 Basic, for adding families to the Revit ribbon, and the 4.0 release of Revizto also charted high.

CASE Apps Go Open Source

"When CASE joined WeWork in August 2015, it sparked a new opportunity to positively impact and improve the building process. Focusing on WeWork’s already impressive physical and digital platforms, the Product team continues to expand and enhance these platforms that enable our members to do incredible things. We also believe in making a positive impact that reaches beyond our members and want the work we’ve been developing to benefit the building, design, and technology industries.

"Over these past nine months, our teams have been making updates to some software applications developed by CASE that building professionals have been implementing in their practices over the years. Instead of pushing out a series of updates over time and making people wait for these releases, we have decided to open source these apps on GitHub."

Read the full post here.

Enscape Version 1.5.1 Adds Revit 2017 Support

"Realtime 3D rendered walkthrough plug-in for your projects in Autodesk® Revit®. It enables you to show and communicate designs in your team or to your customers effortlessly."

In addition to Revit 2017 support, this version also added support for Oculus SDK 1.3, and other improvements.

Read the full post here.

My Favorites 2016 Basic Add-in – Add Families to the Revit Ribbon

"Our My Favorites (Basic) application will allow you to save your most used families to the Autodesk® Revit® Add-ins ribbon giving you quicker access and improving your content creation times."

Read the full post here.

Revizto 4.0 Released

"Revizto brings a whole new level of intuitiveness that allows users to simplify the complexity of the AEC industry."

Revizto 4.0 highlights – all-new markups, redesigned Pipeline, improved merge and sync, and new Export Scheduler:

Read the full post here.

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