Friday, August 12, 2016

Revizto Version 4.1 Released

From the Revizto website...

We are excited to announce that the new Revizto 4.1 has been released today!

The official release takes place globally and is announced at the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) North America 2016 which kicks off today in Scottsdale Arizona with our proud sponsoring.

Available immediately to our users, this version brings more stability and significant improvements to all Revizto components to make the overall experience better!

So what’s new in Version 4.1:
  • Revizto Add-in for Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD:
    • Improved mixed export from Revit and Navisworks
    • Ability to select the view for Export Scheduler
    • Resolved the problem for models located far away from zero coordinate
  • Revizto Viewer:
    • Slightly reworked interface. Editor can now be launched from the Viewer’s Edit > Materials and Lighting
    • Ability to zoom on an issue screenshot
    • Added Undo/Redo for markups
    • Issue pins can be seen in 3D
  • Installer:
    • Silent/network installation options added
  • All Revizto products:
    • Stability improvements and bug fixes

We hope you’re excited about these updates and invite you to try the new version right away!


Revizto is brought to you by Vizerra. It's priced beginning at 650.00 USD per month for a "20 Collaborator" package.

There's more information available on the Revizto blog.

Credit: Luke Johnson's 
What Revit Wants blog

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