Monday, August 8, 2016

RTV Xporter PRO Version 2017.1.0.715 Released

From the vendor...

Key features of the RTV Xporter PRO include:
  • Supports Autodesk Revit versions 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Export files with auto-renaming based on Revit parameters (DWG, DXF, DWF & DWFx, PDF, IFC, NWC, DGN, RVZ, FBX, and 2D Drafting Views to RFA);
  • Printing (simultaneously to two printers, can do full size and half size at the same time, including reordering of the print run);
  • Publish and auto-upload to FTP sites and Citrix Sharefile;
  • Track and record Issued Drawings (SQL database), including creation of customisable Document Transmittal's both Matrix and Simple report styles (PDF, Word, Excel);
  • Batch process and Task Scheduler for file exports, printing and *new* file upgrading, supports for Central files, Revit Server, Archiving project files, execution of Revit Macros and post-processing code;
  • Remote Task Scheduler, process your Revit tasks on a 'remote' Workstation/Server to free up your workstation to do more design work (remote workstation/server requires a license of Autodesk Revit);
  • Advanced search and Customise-able UI including Wildcards, Saved Filters using any stored Revit parameter;
  • *new* Bulk upload to Aconex transmittal/spreadsheet creation on file exports;
  • *new* Export Revit Schedules to .TXT file;
  • *new* Bulk import and create Revit Sheets from Excel;
  • *new* Bulk update and edit Revit Sheet Revisions;
  • *new* Export Revit Sheet Revision data and Revision Cloud data to Excel;
  • *new* Bulk update and edit Revit Sheet parameters, including text case formatting and Title Block Family selection;
  • *new* Family and Project file upgrading including .RVT, .RFA, .RTE and .RFT files, supports bulk processing of directories and sub-directories, file name prefix and suffix, execution of Revit Macros, central file support;

RTV Exporter PRO main interface

RTV Xporter PRO is brought to you by RTV Tools. It's priced beginning at 49.00 USD. A free trial is available.

There's more information available on the RTV Tools website.

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