Saturday, November 5, 2016

AVAIL Version 2.9.5 Released

From the Avail blog:

AVAIL Release 2.9.5
  • Updates to the AVAIL Active Directory (AD) support includes ADFS 2.0 SAML and ADFS 3.0 with OAUTH2 federated identity (sounds impressive!)
  • Ability to suppress “Join AVAIL” invitation when sharing a Channel.
  • New ability to share a Channel with “Everyone in My Plan”

Active Directory integrations are in full swing this fall as AVAIL is “rolling across the enterprise”. With AVAIL Active Directory (AD) integration it has never been easier to manage hundreds of users. As new users are added or removed from your normal IT process through AD they’re automatically logged into AVAIL and authenticated. No login or password required! AD users can also suppress the “Join AVAIL” emails when sharing a Channel across your firm. If you have 50 or more users contact to discuss AVAIL Enterprise Licensing for your firm.

As hundreds of new channels are created in AVAIL each month we’re working hard to fine tune how you can most easily deploy and manage your AVAIL Channels. With this release of AVAIL we’re adding the ability to easily create a Channel that is shared with everyone in your firm without having to select them individually. We’re turning this on for existing accounts this week so look for the new built-in group called “Everyone in My Plan” shortly.

AVAIL is brought to you by ArchVision. Pricing is as follows:

  • Create up to 2 Channels
  • Up to 1,500 items per Channel
  • Share Channel Previews with users within your organization
  • Browse shared Channels
  • Automatic backup of tags
  • Revit Plugin support (Local Channels only)

User License: $100/YR
  • Create up to 100 Channels
  • Up to 50,000 items per Channel
  • Share Channels with users within your organization
  • Browse & consume shared Channels
  • Automatic backup of tags
  • Revit Plugin support (Local & Shared Channels)

Call or Email for Details
+1 859.963.1616

There's more information available on the Avail blog.

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