Thursday, November 17, 2016

Free DWG Sync for Revit Tech Preview on Autodesk Labs

 From the Autodesk Feedback Community website:

Manage DWG files imported into Revit families.

DWG Sync for Revit is a free* technology preview of a utility that can help you manage DWG files imported into Revit families. Once the DWG is loaded into the family, the DWG Sync tool enables you to update modified DWGs into the current project's family definitions.

DWG Sync for Revit is an add-in for Revit that streamlines the process of embedding DWG files into Revit Families. This simplifies the process of utilizing DWG data in Revit for visual coordination and documentation of referenced DWG geometry. DWG Sync helps with loading and placing DWG based Revit Families into the current Revit project file by removing several steps in the process. A reference to the original DWG is maintained with the tool, such that when the DWG is modified, the tool can automate updating the DWGs based geometry into the project. Once the DWG is embedded in the family with the tool, the Revit project file can be shared with collaborators just as if the process was done manually.

* Free technology previews are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license and services agreement that accompanies the software.

Go to the Autodesk Feedback Community website to join the tech preview.

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