Monday, November 28, 2016

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for the Week of November 21, 2016

We started the week off by announcing our then-upcoming Cyber Monday promotion of exceptional online deals. Several promotions went live yesterday (Monday in the Far East), and are still available:

We're offering our own Cyber Monday week-long sale: 33% off advertising rates on Revit Add-ons, and it's available to new, returning, and continuing advertisers!

We hope to have more Cyber Monday deals for you today. If you're a vendor or developer and want to participate, contact us. There's no fee to participate, and all manner of promotions are welcome, such as deals on event registration, books, and consulting services.

A little while back, we noticed that the afore-mentioned RTV Tools had changed some of the branding of their products. We wanted to update our product roundup accordingly, and, in preparation for that task, were surprised  to discover that we hadn't posted individually about most of their products here on Revit Add-ons. This was surprising because we've been longtime fans of the New Zealand-based company; we've always liked their branding, and they've been and continue to be one of the staunchest supporters of our site and the Revit add-ons community at large. We were happy to belatedly get all the information about their products up on Revit Add-ons, as follows:

We also updated our product roundup of RTV Tools' offerings.

Ånond Viki of Simplify AS sent us a message letting us know about their Revit Productivity Kit. And what an add-in it seems to be...

Several new add-ins were released on the Autodesk App Store last week: the self-explanatory QuickSelect and Ungroup All Groups, as well as the free Autodesk Forge Model Metadata to Excel app for extracting file metadata from Autodesk Forge and writing it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

We posted an update to our previous article on Emanuel Favreaus's free Slapshot, correcting the actual function of the add-in (to duplicate and renumber multiple family types).

AGACAD released a new version of their Cut Opening add-in that features new functionality, as did Juan Osborne with his free TransferSingle – an Editor's Choice Award winner!

Be sure to check out our weekly roundup of all the add-ins that were added to or updated on the Autodesk App Store last week. We mentioned some of them in this article, but not all.

What Trended

As far as what articles trended during the week, our roundup of Autodesk-authored Revit enhancements continued to have exceptional staying power – it's been in our Top Ten list for about 2-1/2 months now, and will probably top our What's Hot list for the second month in a row.

Kiwi Codes' latest update of their Bonus Tools trended near the top of the list for most of the week – it's an Editor's Choice Award winner!

The afore-mentioned Slapshot charted for most of the week, as did our belated posts related to Troy Gates' Revit Coaster, BIM Consotium 2015 update and a roundup of Troy's free Revit macros. Also, our roundup of ProtoTech Solutions' Revit Exporters.

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