Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Free Webinar May 9: MWF Pro Metal & MWF Panel Stacker

From the StrucSoft website:

MWF Pro Metal & MWF Panel Stacker webinar – May 9th, 2017

After nearly 10 years, the industry-leading Revit framing software, MWF Pro Wall, is getting a new face and name: MWF Pro Metal. It’s also been repackaged with floor and truss to make it the ultimate light gauge framing tool. Join us Tuesday May 9th at 12:00PM Eastern as we take you through the new look and features of MWF Pro Metal including MultiSystem Opening markers, improved Wall Report, sub assemblies for manufacturing and the multilayer wall tool.

Stay tuned immediately following the webinar to see the latest addition to the family, MWF Panel Stacker in action. A purpose-built tool with the off-site manufacturer in mind, MWF Panel Stacker allows the user to organize, stack and optimize framed wall panels for shipment, delivery and installation. An intuitive report feature allows the user total control and organization of his shipments and panels, while the software can be adjusted by the user to account for various truck sizes and transport rules.  You can check out how MWF Panel Stacker works here.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar, please contact marketing @ For any sales inquiries, please contact us at 514-538-6862 or info @

There's more information available on the StrucSoft website.

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