Saturday, November 10, 2018

Free SheetLink – Synchronize Model Data with Spreadsheets

From the DiRoots website:

SheetLink. Revit Plugin Release 4.

SheetLink is a free Autodesk Revit plugin developed by DiRoots that allows you to synchronize the model data back and forth between Autodesk Revit and spreadsheets.

This is probably the fastest import/export data plugin for Revit in the market right now! As an example, it exports all the door’s data (100 Revit families) in one second only!

New Release, New Features
  • Space and Room Category added
  • GUID/UniqueID is now available as a parameter
  • Edit model data without exporting the data through the Preview feature
  • Export existing schedules in the model
  • Export model data by TypeID
  • A new User Interface framework implemented
  • Performance and stability improved

This Revit Plugin is completely free. Feel free to share 🙂

Friendly User Interface. Ridiculously easy to use.

Probably the fastest import/export plugin in the market.

SheetLink is brought to you by DiRoots. It's free.

There's more information available on the DiRoots website.

1 comment:

John said...

Thanks for sharing this plugin! I tried it and is a great Revit plugin. Definitely, a must have Revit plugin!