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Free and Open-Source ENGyn – Dynamo-Like Visual Scripting for Navisworks

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Automate your Navisworks workflows! ENGyn alpha 3.2 is out!

Published on October 31, 2018

Pablo Derendinger
BIM Project Manager at ENGworks

We are happy to announce a new version of ENGyn alpha 3.2.

What is ENGyn?

This add-in helps you to automate workflows in Navisworks using Dynamo-like nodes and wires. Refresh, compact and group clashes, input/output information from elements, rename viewpoints, export NWDs, and a lot more!

The best part? It's open source! You can create you own nodes to made custom workflows, fork the code or share your ideas so other people can implement them for you!

Just fill the form to download ENGyn today!

We have included examples of the workflows we use so you don't have to start from scratch

Export Clash Names

Use the csv export to rename clashes!

Rename Clashes By GUID

Needs the previous example

Export Clash Test Information

Feed PowerBI

RefreshClash GroupBy ColorByTest

Keep clashes visible outside ClashDetective

Refresh Clashes Group By Leve l& Selection A

All-in-one clash grouper

Cool New Features and bugs solved:
  • API: GetAPIPropertyValues bug fixed
  • Appearance : SetAppearanceByProfile setting transparency to 100% no matter the value bug
  • Appearance: fixed bug in appearance by selection
  • Appearance: GetProfileFromXML is setting default transparency to 0 instead of -1 (as invalid)bug
  • Appearance: SetAppearanceBySelection not applying Appearance to clashes bug
  • Clash: BIM42ClashGroup integrates all its options into a single node.
  • Clash: Rename clashes from CSV
  • Examples: added examples top documentation
  • GUI: Copy and paste nodes working
  • GUI: Nodes positions when opening are not mapped to the actual canvas size
  • GUI: SearchBox text are in black bug
  • GUI: SelectionNode do not appear near the mouse click position bug
  • GUI: Workaround for zoom and pan by creating a sizable canvas.
  • GUI: Zoom Out is limited to the real node size bug
  • Input: ReadCSVFile enhancement
  • Input: SaveAs dialog enhancement
  • Input: SaveFile dialog added.
  • List: ListTranspose not showing content bug
  • List: ListTranspose now showing items in preview
  • Viewpoint: Rename Viewpoint by GUID and String enhancement
  • Viewpoint: Rename Viewpoints from CSV

And now, what is in near the future?

ENGyn is now open-source and we would like to invite you all to build a community of VDC/BIM Managers working to make Navisworks workflows more flexible! Check the source code here:

On our side, we are working on new GUI implementations and documentation/videos to share the workflows we use day by day using ENGyn.

Here are some coming soon features:
  • Clash: Access clash comments
  • Clash: Create clash report
  • Clash: Create clash tests
  • Clash: create clashes comments
  • Clash: GroupClashes by Sphere (after by level)
  • Clash: Rename ClashResult/ ClashGroup
  • GUI: include Scripting nodes
  • GUI: Run from command to schedule execution
  • List: Create number range
  • Selection: Create search set from Excel/CSV
  • Viewpoint: Export XML
  • Viewpoints: Access Element comments
  • Viewpoints: Create viewpoints

We love to hear what you have to say, so contact us thru

ENGyn is brought to you by ENGworks. It's free.

There's more information available on the Linkedin.

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