Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thank You!

Here in the United States, today is Thanksgiving, the day when most Americans eat turkey, the fowl that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the national bird instead of the bald eagle. Then we lounge around watching American football. For us, it’s a good deal. For the birds, not so much.

It's also a day to give thanks.

We at Revit Add-ons are grateful for many things, including our advertisers.

Revit Add-ons is ad-supported. While we would probably be a going concern without our advertisers, it's their contributions that enable us to spend as much time on the site as we do. Without our advertisers' support, we wouldn't be able to provide nearly as much content as we do.

Our Advertisers

At 5-1/2 years, RevitWorks is our longest continuous customer. They're authors of Door Factory Premium, among many other add-ins. Door Factory is also available in a free Preview version for creating the best single and double swing doors.

RTV Tools has been an outstanding supporter of our site for 4-1/2 years. They're the author of the popular RTV Xporter PRO add-in, as well as a number of others, all designed to help you get the most out of your BIM.

ArchVision has been an advertiser with us for about 4 years. They're the final word in RPC content for AEC, and also offer the format-agnostic content management system AVAIL, as well a non-manufacturer specific library of standard Revit Families and Details with their Family and Detail Warehouse product.

UNIFI Labs, authors of UNIFI Core, the essential cloud platform for creating, organizing, accessing, and managing building content, have been advertisers on Revit Add-ons for about 3-1/2 years.

SPECtrum BIM, authors of the GAMUT suite of products for rethinking content management,  joined us in winter 2015.

ElumTools by Lighting Analysts, the first fully-integrated add-in lighting software for Revit, joined us as an advertiser in summer 2016.

FenestraPRO joined us in fall 2016. Their FenestraPRO Premium product enables architects to design energy efficient building façades to comply with building regulations and required performance.

PowerCAD joined us in winter 2016. They're the authors of PowerCAD-PNL, a free 2D electrical interface for Revit MEP, and PowerCAD-M, for simplifying the build of your Revit electrical model.

Revolution Design, makers of the add-ins Keynote Manager, Selection Master and the productivity suite Revit Workflow was one of our earliest supporters, starting to advertise with us way back in 2012. We were very happy when they rejoined us in winter 2016.

StrucSoft Solutions, makers of the MWF (metal wood framer) line of products, as well as some useful free add-ins, joined us in Spring 2017.

BIMcollab by KUBUS, an issue management ecosystem for Revit, Navisworks and more, joined us in February of this year.

VisionREZ by Alpine for residential designers using Revit also joined us in February.

Overtur by Allegiona cloud collaboration platform for the design and specification of door hardware, joined us in May of this year.

IconicBIM, makers of Guardian, the automated cloud firewall for Revit projects, and P.I.G. (Preview Image Generator), joined us in June of this year.

Ideate Software, makers of Ideate BIMLinkIdeate ExplorerIdeate Sticky and Ideate Apps, was one of our earliest advertisers, originally joining us in winter 2012. We were thrilled when they rejoined us in June of this year.

DIGITTECK, makers of the useful add-ins NameConvention and Family Names, joined us in October of this year.

Bird Tools, makers of free or inexpensive add-ins Automatic Tag Stacker, BIM Repeat RemapperSpankMyRevit!, and Tag Alignment Tool, Joined us just this month.

Lastly, we're very pleased that Openings Studio by ASSA ABLOY, cloud-based software for creating complete openings, will be joining us soon.

Wow, just putting together that list helps us to remeber how fortunate we are. Thank you advertisers, we couldn't do it without you!

Our advertisers are some of the publishers that make the Revit add-ons community such a thriving one. Please join us in thanking them!

And last but not least, thank you dear reader for helping make Revit Add-ons a success!

- The Revit Add-ons team

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