Tuesday, November 9, 2021

New Panel Packer from AGACAD

From the AGACAD website:

Powerful Revit® toolkit for packing wood and light-gauge steel prefab panels

Panel Packer is a powerful solution for Revit® for sorting, packing & loading prefabricated building components. Organizing truck loads and stacks of pre-assembled wall, roof, and floor panels is easy with Panel Packer.

Users of AGACAD’s Wood Framing and Metal Framing BIM software can complete the full design & production cycle – from Revit modeling and framing all the way through to packing. The easy-to-navigate UI and simple yet efficient functionality allows for thorough planning and prepping before on-site building assembly commences.

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2022, 2021, 2020

  • Stack all project elements, from wall, floor, and roof assemblies to individual structural framing members
  • Organize items by predefined truck load size or in standalone stacks
  • Setup, save, and reuse packing configurations
  • Convenient use of color coding and unique naming ensure accuracy and precision
  • Optimize packing by organizing panels into bundles based on desired parameters and specifications
  • Freely define stacking location in relation to building site
  • Create drawings for packed panels indicating parameters, size, and location
  • Organize stacks, truck loads, and bundles by project phase and construction sequence
  • Interface is easy to use, even for users with little previous experience

Ideal for:

Architects, structural engineers, builders, manufacturers, and other construction industry professionals dealing with prefabricated building components. Panel Packer allows users to efficiently pack pre-assembled wall, floor, and roof panels.

Powerful features:


Automatically sort all individual structural framing members as well as assembled panels

Set up configurations once and re-use them in future projects

Wide range of setting customizations to suit individual company standards


Full control over graphics visibility and stack placement in relation to building site

Naming of individual panels and entire stacks is defined by the user

Stacks of panels can be represented in schedules and drawing sheets


Full integration with AGACAD Wood Framing & Metal Framing design software

Update individual panel and stack sizes to reflect changes in building design

Full integration with native Revit functionality and project parameters


  • Incredibly fast. Sorting and packing is very fast once configurations are set.
  • Highly accurate. Accurate methods of packing calculations leave little room for error.
  • Easy to use. UI makes it simple and convenient to use Panel Packer.
  • BIM compatible. In addition to sorting & packing, Panel Packer lets you use native Revit functionality and export to the most popular file formats for design collaboration.

Panel Packer is brought to you by AGACAD. Pricing was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2022, 2021, and 2020.

Download from the AGACAD website »

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