Friday, May 6, 2016

Free 2D Placer Revit Add-in: Quickly Place Detail Items and Annotation Symbols (Updated)

Originally published on July 16, 2014. Updated on May 6, 2016 to reflect new free status of the app.

From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website...

2D Placer is a tool for placing Detail Items and Annotation Symbols. The motivation for creating the 2D Placer is because the standard method for placing such components involves picking an item from a rather small list with all of the families and types expanded. It can take a while to find the family you are looking for if a bunch of families are loaded.

2D Placer provides a simple and useful interface for finding the 2D component that you want to place. There are two list boxes for picking. The left box contains all of the Detail Item or Generic Annotation families that are loaded in the project. Once a family is selected, the right dialog populates with all of the types loaded. Pick the type and place it.

Main 2D placer Dialog

Reload Types Dialog

The free 2D Placer add-in is brought to you by Stand Structural Engineering Inc. There's more information available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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