Saturday, May 7, 2016

Free Smart Select Add-in from AGACAD

From the AGACAD blog...

This tool can select elements in any room or space by:
  • category
  • family
  • one of family types.

MEP engineers can use this extension to select pipe or duct network from user’s chosen duct or pipe.

The network can be selected:
  • with equipment;
  • without equipment;
  • only the network equipment.

Finally, users have a possibility to select elements by predefined filter configuration. On the right side of the dialog, we can configure the filter according to our needs. After “Refresh Filter Data” is selected, we can choose elements for our selection on the left side of the dialog, where the elements are conveniently grouped into a tree.

Furthermore, for our own convenience, we can save the configured filter and use it later on. To do that, we need to select “Save to File”, and then, we can use this filter by selecting “Load from File”.

As you can see, Smart Select is a powerful tool which:
  • saves time by selecting elements automatically according to user’s needs;
  • prevents errors by automating the selection process;
  • is easy to use, as any amount of elements can be selected in just a few clicks;
  • is completely free of charge!

There's more information available on the AGACAD blog.

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