Thursday, May 12, 2016

Catching Up with ArchSmarter (Updated – Free Macro Count Now Up to 15)

Originally posted on 12/29/2015. 

Updated on 5/12/2016:
  • Added Batch Duplicate Views macro
  • Added Export Schedules macro
  • Added Purge Views macro
  • Added images for macros (where available; courtesy of ArchSmarter)
  • Reworded section on the ArchSmarter Power-Pack to reflect it's now-released status
  • Updated the ArchSmarter logo

It had been awhile since I visited the ArchSmarter website. Author Michael Kilkelly has been busy, continuing to publish free Revit macros. He's now calling his collection of free macros the ArchSmarter Toolbox. Below are the macros that are part of the toolbox, along with links to posts covering each in detail:

Align Views

Sheet and View Maker

To get the free macros, subscribe to ArchSmarter's email updates.

KilKelly has also converted most of the macros to an inexpensive, for-purchase Revit Add-in, the ArchSmarter Power-Pack.

The ArchSmarter Power-Pack tool suite

Lastly, KilKelly has posted an extensive ArchSmarter Year in Review – 2015 article.

Nice work Michael!

Visit the ArchSmarter website »

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