Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Revizto 4.0 Released

From the Revizto website...

Revizto brings a whole new level of intuitiveness that allows users to simplify the complexity of the AEC industry.

Revizto 4.0 highlights
  • All-new markups.
    • Sheets can be imported directly into Revizto even without the 3D model.
    • And it supports PDF sheets!
  • Redesigned pipeline.
    • Revizto Editor is no longer an essential part of the workflow. All project sharing and management can be done from the Viewer.
  • Improved merge and sync.
    • Now it is much simpler.
  • Export scheduler.
    • Set up automatic daily or weekly export to Revizto to keep everybody in the project on the same page.


Instantly share your BIM data with project stakeholders.

Export and share your model

Bring your BIM/CAD project into Revizto Viewer in a matter of minutes. All BIM object data and linked files will be preserved. Share the resulted model with anyone in multiple different ways - either through the cloud-based Revizto Workspace or like a self-executable project file. You don’t have 3D model yet? That’s OK, you can import your 2D documents into Revizto and start to share and collaborate with your team.

Cloud Sync and Share

Cloud Revizto projects can be easily synchronized after each model update in the original program. All project team members will receive the updated model automatically.

2D Sheets

You can export 2D Sheets from your original model (Revit, Navisworks and AutoCAD) that will be available for further viewing in the Viewer. You can also import PDF and DWF.


You can put together several models to create a full scene of the entire project.

Revision control

You have access to all revisions of your project you have synced to the Cloud. You can open any revision and revert to it at any time.

Export scheduler

Schedule recurring exports per desired day and time. Set your export overnight and Revizto will launch your design program and export the latest model to update your team.

Export to .exe

Share your project as a self-executable file. No installations needed to view it.


Accurately convey your design as if it was already built.

Explore and present on any device

Make it easy to explore and showcase your model as navigable 3D that anyone can walk through like in a video game. Revizto, with its super friendly and intuitive interface, is so simple to use that even non-experts can easily work with. Experience your project in a truly immersive virtual reality with Oculus Rift. The real nature of 3D in VR will impress your clients and help sell your designs.

2D Sheets

Gather all your project sheets of different formats inside the Viewer. Use combined view to get better understanding of a model: simply overlay 2D sheet on top of your 3D model.

Object’s data

All object properties are preserved. Get detailed information about any object just by clicking on it.

Viewpoints / Section cuts

Viewpoints allow you to save any spot in the scene of your model for navigation and presentation purposes. Each viewpoint can contain section cut and category visibility/transparency settings.

2D map

Refer to 2D map when you want to see where you are or jump to any place in the model. Within 2D map you can also switch between levels and see the grids and rooms on top of it.

Camera Sharing

Do remote presentations with camera sharing function. It transmits your movements without any delays at breathtaking speeds.

Oculus Support

View your project in a truly immersive virtual reality! It’s so easy! No need additional software to hook up with Oculus.


Measure any distance in the scene in a number of convenient ways.

Sketch Mode

Avoid distracting details while working with project at concept stage: 3D sketch mode allows you to introduce first ideas clearly.


Make your project recognized! Brand it with a logo by adding a Watermark.


Identify, track, and solve problems throughout all phases of the project life cycle.

Collaborate with your team in real time

Keep track of everything what’s going on in your project. Note all project related issues, assign and follow up tasks, stay notified about all project updates you are interested in. Revizto Issue Tracker, a simple yet powerful task tracking system, allows you to manage all your teamwork and project activities in one place everyone has access to.

Instant notifications

Assignee and watchers of each issue get instant notifications about new comments and updates - both email and in-program.


Create new issues right from your CAD program. Or view existing issues – the new view is created to show the problem when you double-click on the issue.

Clashes from Navisworks

You can import all your clashes from Navisworks into Revizto Issue Tracker and then keep track of them in Revizto or Revit/AutoCAD.

Offline usage

Issue Tracker works perfectly offline. Issues will be synced when you connect to the Internet. Therefore, you can use iPad or Android Viewer on building site for issue tracking.


You can attach images and PDF documents as comments to each issue. On mobile Viewer you can take a photo and/or attach it to an issue, or create an issue based on that photo.

Issue Reports

Set up issue reports in different formats on Revizto Workspace, incl. PDF and Excel reports. There is also an interactive chart for each report showing the issue status dynamics during the specified time period.

Public and private issue

Make the issue private if you don't want it to be seen for everyone. This gives you an ability to manage the issues with different teams inside one project without teams seeing each other.

Advanced filtering

With our filtering system it is easy to find any issue. Especially when you properly tag each issue.

Markup tool

Each issue can contain a markup. Explain the problem with a simple visual language.


Tune your model with the Editor

Enhance visual appearance of your model with the help of the Editor: adjust the environment settings such as sun position and skybox, natural and artificial lighting, edit materials and object data, or optimize geometry. The Editor can be launched from within the Viewer.

Edit Lighting

Create illumination effects by baking up the light maps. Control the location, date/time and adjust light source parameters for accurate day or night time illumination, with control over sun and moon visibility.

Edit Materials

Export custom materials from CAD or create new ones in Revizto. Handy material editor keeps it simple.

Object Data

Make any changes in object’s BIM data: add, remove and sort fields, insert additional information. All changes will be saved even if you re-export the project. This info will be available in the Viewer.

Revizto is brought to you by Vizerra. Pricing begins at 650.00 USD per month for a 20 collaborator pack.

There's more information available on the Revizto website.

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