Sunday, May 8, 2016

CASE Apps Go Open Source Courtesy of WeWork! (Updated 2)

Remember CASE, the add-in developer, amongst many other things, that featured heavily on Revit Add-ons with a series of free and paid apps? After CASE joined WeWork last year, the CASE Apps website went dark, and there was no word on when the apps would become available again, or even if they would. Until now.

Update #1 5/8/2016: Included links to CASE Apps related posts on Revit Add-ons.
Update #2 6/6/2016: The CASE Apps are now part of the free BIM One Add-ins Manager; read the post here.

From the WeWork blog...


When CASE joined WeWork in August 2015, it sparked a new opportunity to positively impact and improve the building process. Focusing on WeWork’s already impressive physical and digital platforms, the Product team continues to expand and enhance these platforms that enable our members to do incredible things. We also believe in making a positive impact that reaches beyond our members and want the work we’ve been developing to benefit the building, design, and technology industries.

Over these past nine months, our teams have been making updates to some software applications developed by CASE that building professionals have been implementing in their practices over the years. Instead of pushing out a series of updates over time and making people wait for these releases, we have decided to open source these apps on GitHub.

Leaving it in the hands of the community

While we hope some of our old and new friends continue to actively contribute to these apps on their own, we, as WeWork, will not be managing the GitHub community. The infinite potential of these tools and their continual development are now in the hands of an amazing community of technologists and creators.

So, it is with great excitement that we finally open source CASE Apps and the Issue Tracker on GitHub. These tools have really transformed the way we build and we’re excited to share this with the building community.

We’ve included a quick guide and summary below about the apps with links on how to access the open source code. After that, it’s up to you!

CASE Apps 

A revolutionary set of Autodesk Revit Add-ins and Tools, CASE Apps enhances your daily BIM workflows allowing your teams to do more—better and faster. Previously offered as pro and free subscriptions, the open-source software comes with a simple installer.

Huge thanks to Don Rudder for developing most of these tools! And let’s not forget Matthew Nelson, Matteo Cominetti, and Kyle Morin for contributing.

Get the code and the installer on Github: CASE Apps

Issue Tracker 

The Issue Tracker is an advanced system that tracks building issues similar to the way issues are tracked in the software world.

Since this system is very advanced, we are releasing it as code-only and not providing installers. Our hope is that a community will form and help update the app to support all BCF 2 features, integrate with more authoring and analysis tools, add user-friendly installers, and more.

Huge thanks to Matteo Cominetti for developing it!

Fork it on GitHub: Issue Tracker

There's more information available on the WeWork blog.

For those curious about what apps might be available without actually installing them, here's a linked list of the Revit Add-ons posts over the years about the individual CASE Apps. Check out the posts for the descriptions of the apps that used to be on the CASE Apps website.

And here's a direct link to the 2015 / 2016 CASE Apps Installer:

Bravo WeWork and the former CASE crew!

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.


Unknown said...

Thank you for making those available as open source. Love it, thought I could not get it to work, the installer gives me only the free tools for Revit 2014 and 2015, just as before, did I miss anything? Even though the installer download page says "Revit 2015 and 2016 installer." Any hints?

Unknown said...

Same here... did you ever figure it out?

Unknown said...

Worked for me now with the installer downloaded today: