Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ArchSmarter's Power-Pack for Revit

From the ArchSmarter website...

Power-Pack is a productivity add-in for Revit. Power-Pack includes the most popular Revit macros from ArchSmarter. Now there’s no need to load the macro file. Access the tools right from the Revit Add-Ins ribbon.

Need to import some DWG details into Revit drafting views? There’s a tool for that. What about converting those DWGs to Revit lines? Got you covered. Hate it when your views aren’t aligned from sheet to sheet? Use the Align Views tool to take care of that problem. Need to create lots of sheets and views? Easy.

Power-Pack was developed to solve real-world problems. Thousands of ArchSmarter readers have tested these tools. They will save you tons of time!

What’s in the Power-Pack?

Power-Pack includes the following time-saving tools:

Batch Insert – Insert multiple DWG and RVT files.

Batch Rename – Rename multiple rooms, sheets, and views from a single interface.

Power Convert – Convert linked or imported DWG files to Revit lines. You can convert to detail and model lines as well as area and room boundary lines. For detail and model lines, you can specify a different Revit line style for each DWG layer.

Quick Convert – Convert linked or imported DWG files to a single Revit linestyle.

Replace Font – Replace a specified font with another font of your choice. The tool works on dimensions, labels, and text notes. Replace fonts in the current Revit model as well as any loaded Revit families.

Make Sheets – Create multiple sheets using data from a spreadsheet file.

Make Views – Create floor plans and RCPs from the current model’s floor levels. You can specify a scope box and view template for the new views.

Copy Views – Batch duplicate selected views. Select the views and number of copies you need. Specify the duplication settings such as “duplicate as dependent” or “duplicate with detailing”.

Align Views – Align views on different sheets to a selected view.

The tools included in Power-Pack will save you hours of work each week, if not more. If you’ve gotten value from the free ArchSmarter macros, you’ll definitely want Power-Pack.

Order Now!

Power-Pack is available for Revit 2015 and 2016, and is priced starting at 49.00 USD.

There's more information available on the ArchSmarter website.

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