Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dashboard from Flux Labs – Simple & Beautiful Presentations of Your Data

From the Flux website:


Stay on top of progress with a simple and beautiful presentation of your Flux data.


How to:
  1. Click the Build Dashboard button above
  2. Grant access to your Flux account
  3. Bring in data that is either a geometry, single value (number/text), from the Flux Revit Plufin, or table data (Excel or Google Sheets)
  4. Create a new dashboards
  5. Share with the team by sending the unique URL that’s automatically generated
  6. Design, review data, repeat. Check back to see how the dashboard updates as you work. Use the data to power design decisions

  • Visualize Flux data in real-time
  • Share a customized data display
  • Control data by adding a Slider or Switch Panel that will write new data back to your Flux project
  • Chart data from Revit and Excel to power charts
  • Value Geometry from SketchUp, Revit, Dynamo or Grasshopper will automatically drive a Geometry Panel displaying meshes, breps, lines, points and all the other geometry types that Flux supports

Flow  Dynamo  Grasshopper  Excel  Google Sheets  Revit  Sketchup

There's more information available on the Flux website.

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