Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Free DynamoPDF Version 1.2 Released

From LinkedIn:

DynamoPDF v1.2
Published on January 29, 2017
Maximilian Thumfart
Lead Application Developer at Thornton Tomasettis CORE Studio

DynamoPDF brings full PDF interoperability to Dynamo's visual scripting environment: Read annotations and markups including geometry, color, contents and many more properties. Read entire PDF contents as text. Write PDF text contents like chapters, paragraphs or lists. Write Dynamo geometry directly into PDFs. Create annotations and markups and add them to existing documents.

Dynamo PDF is a very simple to use package containing all necessary nodes for most PDF contents. It focuses on markups which are widely used in engineering and architecture but rarely supported to export or import. With DynamoPDF's annotation nodes you can simply extract markups or add new ones to existing PDFs. This package is available on Dynamo's package manager - explore how to enhance your review workflow with the provided sample definitions of DynamoPDF.

DynamoPDF is Open-Source availabe at

There's more information available on LinkedIn

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