Thursday, February 23, 2017

File Uploader from Flux Labs

From the Flux website:

File Uploader

Upload your files to flux in seconds!


Really? A file uploader? Doesn’t Flux always talk about Data not files?

Fear not fair data pioneer, all is well with the world. While we continue to stand by synchronizing data over file transfers any day of the week, we are also very aware that sometimes you just have to deal with a model stuck as an OBJ, STL, or CSV. This uploader demonstrates the power and simplicity of the Flux SDK, allowing you to upload any of those file formats, visualize the model in a 3D viewport, and then add that data to your Flux Project – unleashing your mesh or table or drawing into the rest of your workflow.

For example, once you’ve uploaded your .obj or .stl files, you can operate on the mesh in Grasshopper, pull the model into Revit through Dynamo, or build out a Family Definition using our soon to be released Direct Shape integration. Additionally, upload your AutoCAD files in .dxf to send any AutoCAD drawings into any of your Flux-enabled applications. Pretty neat hack while you wait for our AutoCAD plugin!

To try it out, visit the app here. You will need to login to Flux and allow the app access to your Projects. The whole app, including the converter, will soon be available on GitHub if you want to experiment. Or if you just want to place a spaceship in your Revit model, it’s now a whole lot easier.

Have other file formats that you’d like to upload? Tweet us a suggestion @flux_io.

  • Upload files directly to Flux, without having to go through third-party software
  • Can parse OBJ, STL, and CSV file formats
  • Preview your 3D object in the browser before sending to Flux


There's more information available on the Flux website.

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