Friday, February 24, 2017

Product Roundup – Apps, Hacks and Example Workflows from Flux Labs

Editor's Note: And here we thought Flux (AKA was just for data exchange between different applications. Their Labs projects show that it's much more than that.

From the Flux website:

Apps, hacks and example workflows built with Flux for you.

Site Extractor

Get site topography, buildings, roads, parks and other data


Create, view, and edit Revit schedules on the web.

VR Viewer

Real-time shareable VR models


Place your 3D model on Google Earth.


Create simple and beautiful presentations with your Flux data

Flux Capacitor

Go back in time in your project's history!


Track your project activity on Slack + Email

Sightline Analyzer

Find the best views

File Uploader

Upload your files to flux in seconds!

Project Sync

Synchronize your data across projects

Table Blocks

Flow blocks for manipulating table data

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