Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Scheduler from Flux Labs – View and Edit Revit Schedules on the Web

From the Flux website:


Create, edit, and view Revit schedules on the web. Collaborating with Revit model data has never been easier.


How to:
  1. Send Revit elements, including their geometry, to Flux using the Revit plugin.
  2. Launch Scheduler and grant access to your Flux account.
  3. Create a schedule by clicking the ‘+’ icon on the left side panel.
  4. Select a Flux project and data key containing valid Revit data.
  5. Select the desired Revit Category, then name your schedule.
  6. Configure your schedule by clicking on the gear icon and adding parameters.
  7. Share with your team and customize access with view, edit, or public modes.
  8. Editors can make edits directly on the web, in Excel or Google sheets using Flux plugins.
  9. Update your Revit model by pulling the original Revit data from Flux using the Revit plugin.

  • Visualize Revit geometry and model data in a single web interface
  • Share your schedules with view, edit and public modes
  • Edit schedules online with bulk edit capabilities and 3D context
  • Update your Revit model with ease

Flow  Excel  Google Sheets  Revit

There's more information available on the Flux website.

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