Friday, February 24, 2017

Table Blocks from Flux Labs – Flow Blocks for Manipulating Table Data

From the Flux website:

Table Blocks

Flow blocks for manipulating table data

Today, we bring you simple sophistication.

With our recently launched Revit plugin, constructing and manipulating tables in the Flow (our visual programming environment) just became a whole lot more important.

But what if you need to edit that table? Dissect it, split it, or break it up into different pieces? Well, that’s finally made possible without a multi-block gymnastics routine. And no need to move data out to Excel to extract a single column or lookup a value, you can now do all of this in the Flow with these simple blocks.

This initial set includes very basic operations (such as get table size and extract column) to more advanced spreadsheet-like functions (such as V-lookup or H-lookup). You will find blocks inspired from traditional linear algebra code libraries to easily generate content, lower triangular matrices and also functions allowing parsing of lists using column numbers or row numbers.

Request access above and you will be invited to a sample Flux project that demonstrates the use of the blocks, along with access to all the blocks that you can use within your own workflows (by searching using keywords in the Flow). Please refer to this community article for more details, provide feedback or suggest blocks that you would want to see added in the future.

  • Table access blocks for getting data out of rows or columns
  • Table manipulation blocks for performing quick transformations
  • Table creation blocks, for generating your data

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There's more information available on the Flux website.

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