Monday, November 19, 2018

Vintage Photos Showing How People Worked Before CAD

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Last week, in his weekly top 5 email, Michael Kilkelly of ArchSmarter included a link to a post titled "19 Amazing Vintage Photos That Show How People Worked Before AutoCAD." Here's our favorite from the bunch.

Wow, that is amazing! (And it was always suit and tie back then.)

The article took me, your faithful editor, back to my own days of manual drafting, most of which were during my service in the Marine Corps as a Construction Drafter from 1984-87. Here's a photo of yours truly at the drafting table, probably from 1986 (it's a little blurry unfortunately).

In the Drafting & Survey Section, 7th Engineering Support Battalion,
1st Force Service Support Group, Camp Pendleton, CA

I remember a training day when everyone in our battalion had to perform their regular duties while wearing full nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare protection gear (it was during the Cold War after all). The gear was very similar to the following.

Full NBC warfare protection gear

Can you imagine working at a drafting table on a real project in that getup? I don't have to imagine–and it was a bear of a day! To make it worse, it was a warm southern California summer day in an office without air conditioning. I wish I had a photo of it!

For the original article featuring more vintage drafting photos, click here.

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